Will Marry
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Type Manhua

Will Marry English

Alternative Titles Jiāng Ji�, Married to the General, Will Marry, 将嫁, 將嫁

Synopsis Will Marry

The princess was ordered to marry the disabled general Chu Pingyun. Who knew that the goods were wrong on the night of the wedding. The princess is not a princess, but Li Jiu, the good for nothing prince?!Chu Pingyun: …can I return you back? Since you can’t return the goods, you can only use your lifelong acting skills to play a pair of beloved husbands, to tear up your political enemies, break the puzzle, and fight on the battlefield – hey, how does it seem to come true?Original Webcomic:KuaiKan Manhua, AC.QQ, BiliBili Manhua

Released 2021
Author D君, 孟南珂 [Add, ]
Artist D君, 孟南珂 [Add, ]
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