Unforgivable! Unpardonably Vicious!
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Unforgivable! Unpardonably Vicious! English

Alternative Titles Everything That Is Evil Is Unpardonable, 万恶不赦, 万恶不赦 Unpardonably Vicious

Synopsis Unforgivable! Unpardonably Vicious!

The legendary killer Wu Qi missed his hand and was killed by others. What is even more bizarre is that he doesn’t even know who killed him. At this time, what appears in front of him is the existence of the killing system, and the killing system promises him: as long as the task entrusted is completed, the system soul “K” can help him to resurrect and tell him the truth of his death. This way, Wu Qi travels through various time and space with the help of the killing system to prevent enemies who are also dominated by killing intent.Even if he is evil, meaning he doesn’t forgive and doesn’t …

Released 2021
Author Big Idler, Lin Fourteen
Artist Deer Culture, Golden Ancient Culture
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