The Strongest Scholar System
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The Strongest Scholar System English

Alternative Titles Chāo Shén Cóng Hé Xiàohuā Liàn'ài Kāishǐ, Super God and School Beauty Initially Love, Super God Starts From Falling In Love With The Schoolgirl, The Strongest Scholar System, 超神从和校花恋爱开始, 超神從和校花戀愛開始

Synopsis The Strongest Scholar System

Adapted from the novel “The Strongest Scholar System” by, the secret to becoming a scholar is to fall in love? The secret to becoming a student is to fall in love. Who said falling in love will affect your studies?Original Webcomic

Released 2021
Author 七猫中文网 [Add, ]佛系和尚 [Add, ]我梦动漫 [Add, ]
Artist 七猫中文网 [Add, ]佛系和尚 [Add, ]我梦动漫 [Add, ]
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