The Legendary Tripod
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

The Legendary Tripod English

Alternative Titles The Legendary Tripod, War Tripod, 战鼎, 무신향로

Synopsis The Legendary Tripod

When the chaos first opened in Hongmeng, heaven and earth gave birth to a strange thing… I don’t know how many times, this strange thing actually shattered eighteen pieces!

The unparalleled gods, beasts and other treasures in the fairyland demon girl, turned out to be the fragments of this ancient strange thing!

From god to man, then from person to god, the desolate god and man Yun Changkong got a war tripod and embarked on an extraordinary road.

Let’s see how Yun Changkong reproduced the glory of the gods and demons of the ancient times!

Zhanding reveals the gods and demons to return to …

Released 2019
Author Two Dimensional Animation
Artist Two Dimensional Animation
Serialization N/A
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Chapter The Legendary Tripod