The Cursed Thief
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

The Cursed Thief English

Alternative Titles Demon Thief, White Bone Ivory, Devil Thief With White Bone Clothing, 魔盗白骨衣

Synopsis The Cursed Thief

Adapted from a novel. This is a story of a young man who could not practice martial arts due to a disease. In fact, he was not expected to live past the ag of twenty-five. He would quickly vanish into obscurity and return to the capital in a decade. At night, he removes his disguise and puts on a white armor, just who is this man that has transformed into Whitebone in the night…?

Released 2018
Author Ake Culture, AN Tu Sheng [Add, ]
Artist Ake Culture, AN Tu Sheng [Add, ]
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Chapter The Cursed Thief