Swallow the Whole World
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Swallow the Whole World English

Alternative Titles Swallow An Immortal World, Tun Xia Yige Xiuxian Shijie, Пожиратель Улиня, 吞下一个修仙世界, 상제강림

Synopsis Swallow the Whole World

The lord of the four divine worlds, lord Xiao, was betrayed by his brother. He set up a death trap that killed Xiao. After millennia, the soul of the lord found a vessel, bringing Xiao Fan back to life. Spilled divine blood, captured heavenly castle, unclear fate of his beloved wife – all this kindled the all-consuming fire of hatred in his heart. And now he intends to return to his divine abode behind the heads of traitors and take their lives! Possessing the almighty Dantian, he will open heaven and earth, absorb darkness and light, destroy yin and yang!

Released 2019
Author Ke cong Qinshan lai
Artist Misi Temei
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Chapter Swallow the Whole World