Star Dream Idol Project
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Star Dream Idol Project English

Alternative Titles Project StarDream, Tinh Mộng Thần Tượng, Xing Meng Ou Xiang Ji Hua, 星梦偶像计划

Synopsis Star Dream Idol Project

Brilliant starlight, magnificent stage! With friendships born out of songs, girls embark on the journey toward their dreams. Behind the disgrace of a fallen star, lurks a foul conspiracy. The bond between two bosom friends, cleaved by cruel twists of fate.

To exonerate her dead mother, a girl steps into the ranks of aspiring idols. As the stage turns into a bloodless battlefield, she will chase after her dreams upon her songs.


Original Manhua

Official English

Released 2015
Author Yan Tou, 白熊 [Add, ]
Artist N/A
Serialization N/A
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