Prince’s Overwhelming Love
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Prince’s Overwhelming Love English

Alternative Titles Kegemaran Pangeran Jahat Berhati Dingin, My Dangerous Prince, The Cold-Hearted Evil Prince's Indulgence, Wicked King's Favour, Благосклонность злого короля, 妃常彪悍:腹黑邪王宠入骨, 腹黑邪王宠入骨

Synopsis Prince’s Overwhelming Love

She was a top agent from the 21st century, but now she has become a silly, ugly, and cowardly 5th princess of the Eastern Yue Kingdom after time travel. He, a stunning yet cruel man, is a regent who can bring destruction to the world with ease. They, however, are not a complementary match as people might expect. The beginning of their story is actually absurd. This mysterious woman must be a jinx for him sent by God!

Released 2020
Author Ake Manga, Ye Wange [Add, ]叶挽歌 [Add, ]
Artist Ake Manga
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Chapter Prince’s Overwhelming Love