Pretty Peasant Girl
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Pretty Peasant Girl English

Alternative Titles A Mysterious Farm Girl, A Mysterious Farmgirl, The Exceptional Farmgirl, 农女殊色

Synopsis Pretty Peasant Girl English

A 35-year-old female doctor, Su Xin Yu got isekai-ed into another world, and when she woke up she was in a child’s body.

She hid this secret as she grew up. and tried to survive in this gender discrimination world. Eventually, Xiang Zhi became best friends with a boy named Shi Tou who was brought by a mysterious man and unknowingly showed her skills and ideas which far exceeded what a normal child was capable of.

And then a skilled mysterious old lady in the village noticed…

Released 2019
Author Daxingdao Dongman
Artist Daxingdao Dongman
Serialization N/A
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Chapter Pretty Peasant Girl English