Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch Company
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Type Manhua

Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch Company English

Alternative Titles Be My Staff!! Except Boss All Zombies!! The Last Of Express Company, TA LÀ LÃO ĐẠI THỜI TẬN THẾ, 成为我的员工吧!这里是老板以外全员丧尸的末世派遣公司

Synopsis Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch Company English

A failed entrepreneurship! A ten million debt! A betrayal! A girlfriend that ran away! He even landed in a pile of trash/rubbish/garbage when he tried to jump off a building!

The unlucky Cao Xiaomeng woke up to find himself surrounded by zombies everywhere! The system activates upon the moment of death! become a post-apocalyptic entrepreneur!

The post-apocalyptic dispatch company that hires cute zombie secretaries and mutant beast employees to serve you!

Released 2020
Author 德猫Richard [Add, ]
Artist 德猫Richard [Add, ]
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Chapter Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch Company English