Oh My Savage Princess
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Oh My Savage Princess English

Alternative Titles Zhege Wangfei Lu Zi Ye, Empress of Hell, Oh My Savage Princess, This Princess, Lu Ziye, Zhège Wángfēi Lù Zǐ Yě, 这个王妃路子野, 這個王妃路子野

Synopsis Oh My Savage Princess

The Queen of Hell travelled through time and space and took position of a human’s body!

What?! I’m the weak Princess Royal? Not any more!

For those who bullied “me” before, go to hell! I mean… literally. And for handsome who won’t bow to me?!

Alas, it won’t happen! I am the Queen of Hell. I always get the man i want even if he is so dead!

Released 2020
Author 插电动漫 [Add, ]
Artist 插电动漫 [Add, ]
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Chapter Oh My Savage Princess