Nanairo Inko
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Nanairo Inko English

Alternative Titles Nana-iro Inko, Rainbow Parakeet, Seven-colored Parakeet, 七色いんこ

Synopsis Nanairo Inko

Rainbow Parakeet is a genius actor and a fantastic mimic, but also a thief. He can act out any role to the best of his abilities, while robbing the richest members of the audience during his performances. His methods are a mystery, even to the detectives charged with apprehending him: Police Inspector Senri and his daughter, Police Detective Mariko Senri.
Released 1981
Author TEZUKA Osamu
Artist TEZUKA Osamu
Serialization Shuukan Shounen Champion (Akita Shoten)
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Chapter Nanairo Inko