Mosquito Wars
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Mosquito Wars English

Alternative Titles KRIEG DER MÜCKEN, L'INVASION DES MOUSTIQUES, Mogijeonjaeng, Mosquito War, War of Mosquito, Война москитов, 蚊取り戦争, 蚊子战争, 모기전쟁

Synopsis Mosquito Wars

One hundred years after mosquitoes have evolved into the strongest predators on Earth, only 5,000 humans remain. Mankind’s last hope — an elite team of special soldiers — races to save the day. Will they obtain the secret research that may give humanity a fighting chance against the mosquitoes before it’s too late?

After a genetic mutation, mosquitoes have become the strongest predator on the planet. Will mankind be able to fight back?

Released 2017
Author JH (Jeong Ji-Hun)
Artist JH (Jeong Ji-Hun)
Serialization Daum Webtoon (Daum)Lezhin (Lezhin)
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