Mire’s Corridor
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Mire’s Corridor English

Alternative Titles Mir's Cloister, Corridor of God, Corridor of Mirs, Kami no Kairo, Kami no Kairou, Mire's Corridor, 神の回廊, 迷蝶方知尔之界, 미르의 회랑

Synopsis Mire’s Corridor English

One day, a girl woke up from a near car accident, and her name was Baek Nabi. After her chance encounter with a beautiful man, who saved her from the accident, Nabi starts to see things she has never seen before. Creatures who live off from human’s negative emotions are called ‘parasites’ . Nabi’s once normal life has overturned and becomes intertwined with several men all at the same time… “You’re a special existence. You just haven’t remembered yet.” A fantasy romance of Nabi and the mysterious beings around her.

Released 2019
Author NOK
Artist NOK
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)
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