Juusanyasou Kidan
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Juusanyasou Kidan English

Alternative Titles Thirteenth Night Romance, ジユウサンヤソウキダン, 十三夜荘奇談

Synopsis Juusanyasou Kidan

In “At Summer’s End”, a chance reunion with a childhood friend leads to love, but is it requited…?

“Wind Singer” is the bittersweet tale of friendship between a spider and a moth larva.

In “The Curious Tale of 13 Moons Villa”, art student Tatsuro opens his closet one day to find a strange young man who claims to remember nothing except the fact that he lives in Tatsuro’s apartment.

“Gold Thread, Silver Wind” is a short illustrated story about a boy who can hear the wind.

In “The Fox’s Bride”, Ojiro wonders why he’s different from other foxes and goes on a quest to find his heritage.

“Zashiki Warashi” tells the tale of a type of friendly ghost.

“Acapulco Gold” imagines a future where marijuana is legal and common, and tobacco has become a rare illegal drug.

Released 1983
Author YOSHIDA Akimi
Artist YOSHIDA Akimi
Serialization Petit Flower (Shogakukan)
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