Hug Me, Bossy CEO
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Hug Me, Bossy CEO English

Alternative Titles Bá Đạo Tổng Tài Muốn Được Ôm, CEO Hebat Butuh Pelukan, The Overbearing CEO Wants a Hug, กอดฉันสิท่านประธานของฉัน, 霸道总裁求抱抱, 대표님 꼭 안아주세요

Synopsis Hug Me, Bossy CEO

After an accidental one night stand, she left 200 bucks for the man as compensation.
“We are strangers from now ooo nnn-let me finish my sentence!””You want compensate me? Then 200 bucks are far more than enough…I want a lifetime with you!”

Released 2019
Author iReader
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Chapter Hug Me, Bossy CEO