Hikaru no Go
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Type Manga

Hikaru no Go English

Alternative Titles HikaGO, Hikaru - Kì Thủ Cờ Vây, Hikaru's Go, Vua Cờ, ヒカルの碁, 棋灵王, 棋魂, 고스트 바둑왕, 히카루의 바둑

Synopsis Hikaru no Go

A regular school boy, Hikaru Shindo stumbles upon an old GO board while looking through his grandpa’s old storage room for something worth money. From inside the board came an old spirit named Sai who once dedicated his life to GO. Together, Sai continues to search for the move people call “The god’s hand” while Hikaru slowly began interest in this ancient game and walks down the road of GO.

Won the Shogakukan Manga Award in 2000.

Released 1998
Author HOTTA Yumi
Artist OBATA Takeshi
Serialization Shuukan Shounen Jump (Shueisha)
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Chapter Hikaru no Go