Fallen Flower
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Fallen Flower English

Alternative Titles Luohua, Fallen Flower, Falling Peony, Lạc Hoa, 落花, 낙화

Synopsis Fallen Flower

Born only a reunion with you…
300 years ago, peony flower essence
Lover’s heart to find the reincarnation of
Fallen and Qiu Shui
Of time, unrequited love
Soul-stirring, touching and tempting…

Luo’Hua was found under a Mu Dan Blossom Tree as a baby, and taken in by a man where she joined his family. The man’s wife regards her as her husband’s child out of wedlock (and a curse that made their beautiful flower garden die), so Luo-Hua lives her life suffering because of these assumptions, and her only friend is her stepbrother, Yi Qing. As a teenager, Luo’Hua is taken in as a servant in the Gui household to repay her family’s debt to the Gui family, and finds herself among much conflict as she’s assigned to deliver the young master’s clothes and meals under the Gui Madam’s schemes.

Released 1992
Author RYAN
Artist RYAN
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