Datang: Wushen Liaotian Qun
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Datang: Wushen Liaotian Qun English

Alternative Titles Dàtáng: Wǔshén Liáotiān Qún, Martial God Chat Group, The Great Tang: Chatroom of the Martial Gods, 大唐:武神聊天群

Synopsis Datang: Wushen Liaotian Qun

He stepped into Li Jing’s mansion as a poor man and became the son-in-law of Li’s mansion. After 15 years, I finally got to the day when the system was activated, and the Wu shen chat group was launched~

Released 2022
Author 欲言文化, 重庆慢慢画
Artist 重庆慢慢画
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