Counter Offensive
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Counter Offensive English

Alternative Titles 逆攻, 역공

Synopsis Counter Offensive

At his acquaintance’s wedding, Heeseo coincidentally runs into his dog, Jinmu, who ran away 2 years ago. Heeseo is upset to see his loyal dog, Jinmu, tenderly holding hands with Samjin Department Store President’s second daughter. With the desire to mess with Jinmu, Heeseo drugs Jinmu and brings him to an upstairs room where…

“What the hell? Get your hands off me.”

Heeseo, who’s intention had been to shatter Jinmu’s bliss, is embarrassed to find Jinmu’s hand spreading his own legs. The drugged Jinmu goes insane and Heeseo, contrary to his plans, is pinned down. Upon meeting again after their hookup, Heeseo finds that Jinmu’s face is covered in wounds. And when Jinmu starts to ramble nonsense….

“We broke up.”
“I want to officially date you.”

That’s how the counterattack started.

Released 2021
Author Rando
Artist Nam Taeryeong
Serialization Ridibooks (Ridibooks)
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