A True Martial World
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A True Martial World English

Alternative Titles A True Martial World, The World of Major Daoist Deity, True Martial World, World of Real Martial Arts, Zhenwu World, Zhēnwǔ Shìjiè, 真武世界

Synopsis A True Martial World

In the vast and wild world of Martial Arts, the martial arts civilization was still in its initial stage, Yi Yun accidentally traveled through with a purple spar that could quickly absorb the “energy” of cultivation. With his arrival, the legend of the Martial Arts world officially began.Original Web Manhua:AC.QQ, BiliBili Manhua, KuaiKan Manhua, IQIYI

Released 2022
Author 阅文漫画
Artist 阅文漫画
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Chapter A True Martial World